«If you want to see where you are now, look at what you have done. If you want to see where you will be, look at what you are doing now».

«Farmakeftikos Kosmos» began as an idea at the Takis Chondrogiannis pharmacy in Neo Iraklio, Athens, founded in 1978.

It appeared in April 1989 as a publishing company with the release of the homonymous magazine. His ambition was to provide the Greek pharmacists with scientific and professional information and training, worthy of their responsible position in primary health care, while promoting and encouraging their remarkable business as well as their social and cultural activities. The acceptance of this venture and the recognition of this effort by the world of medicine came about quickly and was sealed with the emergence of the «Farmakeftikos Kosmos» as the first medical magazine in readership according to 10.000 Greek pharmacists.

Since 2001 the company has been publishing scientific books, manuals and aids for the continuing education of the healthcare professional and the facilitation of his/ her daily practice in primary care. Books such as «On the Lab», «Facing Drug Interactions», «Pharmacology in Practice», and others, have been warmly welcomed by health scientists, recording particularly high sales.

Since 2002 «Farmakeftikos Kosmos»  has been providing promotional and advertising services for companies and professional organizations active in the medical field.

Initially, it expanded its publishing activity with corporate and professional magazines and other printed media and then developed online products and services.

Some examples of publications were the quarterly magazine «Elixir», as a supplement of Saturday’s «Eleftherotypia» (2005), the monthly «Circular of the Pharmaceutical Association of Attica» (2008-2012), the quarterly «Bulletin of Hospital Pharmacy» of Panhellenic Association of Pharmacists of Nursing Institutions (2009-2013), the annual calendar of the Pharmaceutical Association of Attica (2010-2012), the Monthly Newsletter of PROSYFAPE «Synthesis», the «Frezypedia» quarterly magazine (2013-) and others.

Examples of e-activity were web sites, e-shops and social media campaigns, designed, studied and set up on behalf of  businesses in the pharmaceutical market and pharmacies, an activity that continues successfully until today.

In 2007, «Farmakeftikos Kosmos» enters the world of the internet.

Currently, the news site «www.f-kosmos.gr» is on a daily basis the most direct and valid source of  information on medicine and health issues.

2010 is the time for another important «online» venture for «Farmakeftikos Kosmos», F-anazitisi. F-anazitisi is an innovative online database for medicine and primary health care, offering its health-care subscribers the possibility of continuing their lifelong education and providing appropriate advice for patient support.

Today, «Farmakeftikos Kosmos» is constantly expanding its business in the new fields of health services and the pharmaceutical market.

It supports all of its business endeavors in this demanding, difficult and promising sector of medicine and health by investing in its skilled staff, experience and expertise for the pharmacy, the pharmacist and the clients/patients.

Its top priority and central objective continue to be to provide products and services that are characterized by what was, is and will always be the company’s core feature: the pioneering outlook.