With the prestige it enjoys in the pharmacy industry as its legacy and its profound knowledge and insight into the pharmacy and its customers, «Farmakeftikos Kosmos» provides professional agencies and companies in the drug and pharmacy market with innovative marketing solutions that meet their modern needs.

The services we develop include:

  • Magazines
  • Corporate & product forms
  • Newsletters
  • Inserts
  • Monographs of medicines?
  • Advertising entries
  • Guides
  • Agendas & calendars
  • Posters & kartolines
  • Product packaging
  • Logo & corporate identity
  • Stands
  • Window decoration
  • Exhibition booths
  • Sites
  • E-shops
  • Campaigns in social media.


Multifaceted and targeted solutions, responding both to the new realities of the time, and your reasonable intention to achieve maximum effect with minimum cost.

Solutions that do not approach your communication and promotion separately but make up complete suggestions from modern marketing tools to innovative ideas for b2b and b2c actions.

Finally, based on your own unique needs, we create – with quality, immediacy and sensitivity – modern, feasible and especially effective proposals for promotion or communication in a sector and a market in which … traditionally, we are at the forefront!